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The Know-How to Help You with Your Child Custody Issues

When you are fighting for custody of children, you cannot afford to be without a strong, knowledgeable lawyer to protect your rights as a parent. When a court decides what is “in the best interest” of your child it is important that you have an effective way to let the court know YOUR view of what is best or your own child.

You cannot win a game without knowing the rules. When the stakes are much higher than just some game and the custody and welfare of your child is at stake, knowing the rules and winning tactics are vital. My experience and knowledge in both domestic relations and juvenile court can help you put together a strong and effective case that will allow you to have a real voice when a court decides where your child should live.

Whatever your circumstances, do not enter into a custody dispute without legal counsel. Far too many times I have seen people try to represent themselves, which ends up costing them much more money, in the long run. The problems created by “Do-it-Yourself” forms are often expensive, and sometimes impossible, to fix. Waiting too long to get help can lead to lost opportunities.

If you are in agreement about custody of your child, I can help prepare the necessary paperwork correctly and get it files to save you the stress and expense of a court hearing. Getting your agreement approved by the court now can save a lot of expense and misunderstanding later.

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Licking County Child Visitation and Child Support Attorney

Whether you are dealing with a child custody issue in a current divorce case or you want to modify an already existing court visitation or child support order, I can help. Even if you and the other parent are in agreement, it is important to have a lawyer to help you prepare and file the correct paperwork.

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